Want something different and fresh for your wedding?

Uplighting is fast becoming popular as a way of creating and enhancing the mood in any venue, for weddings and indeed for any other occasion! Also known as ‘mood lighting’ or ‘atmospheric lighting’, it creates this ambiance or mood by the use of columns and washes of coloured lights placed around the room, pointing upwards from the floor. If uplighting is used in a marquee, the effect will blow you away! Have a look at the example photographs on this page and consider adding it on to your Wedding DJ package for a great discount.

The lights I use incorporate the latest QuadLED technology. They remain cool during use, so they will be completely safe to use anywhere. There will be no hot bulbs used! Being LED, they have a very low power need, which is perfect for uplighting marquees and older hotels where circuits could trip with the old fashioned lights.

Uplighting colours can be customised to a specific theme, and if you want, can change throughout the evening (for example a warm bright colour for the meal, a romantic pink or red for the first dance and any other colour afterwards). Once the disco starts, you can even have all the lights change to the time of the music. To go even one further, they can do separate things, so the lights near the dancefloor can change to the time of the music, while near the back of the room, where people want to sit and rest, the colour can be static……. Ok, so you get the idea, the possibilities are pretty much endless! Also the number of colours that can be mixed and created is almost endless, and can even match the colour of your bridesmaid dresses! If you contact me with your ideas we can sort it all out!

So you do want to have uplights transform your wedding venue? Of course you do!! How much will it cost you? Well the good news is, a lot less than you might think! Uplighting is the most cost effective way to enhance and personalise the decor of any room. Don’t forget there are great discounts available for those who book my full night DJ services.

Uplighting Packages:

Static uplighting package: Up to 16 uplight units. They will remain lit in the static colour of your choice for the night.

Colour changing uplighting package: Up to 16 uplight units. If you want the lights to change colour with the music during the disco, or fade between colours at certain times of the night this is the package you want.

These uplighting packages will provide plenty of mood lighting for almost any venue, or to light a reception area, hallway, smoking area, etc. – You name it!

Personalised Gobo / Monogram light

This allows your names (or any personalised text and/or image) to be projected onto a wall or the dancefloor (any suitable surface), creating an unusual and personal touch to a venue. Ask me about costs for this service. There are 2 options:

Standard: Allows small logo or initials to be projected onto a suitable surface. Ideal for brightly coloured walls/floor/ceilings (see photo below for example on floor). I recommend putting it on the wall over your wedding cake for something eye-catching and unusual. Available in white, red, green or blue.
Wedding Monogram Standard Custom Gobo  


Large/High power: Allows a larger, more detailed monogram with names (see image below). Very sharp image and brighter light than the above option. Ideal for projecting onto dull wooden dancefloors, etc.
Wedding High Power Custom Monogram Gobo

Stock gobo: This is ideal for those on a tight budget that still want something unusual. It shows a silhouette of a bride and groom with the word ‘Congratulations’. This is not a personalised light, but is a nice touch in a room.
Wedding Standard Stock Monogram Gobo

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Don’t forget that I provide discounted uplighting prices for those that book my full evening and night DJ package.

When will the uplights be set up for my wedding?
The lights will be set up before your guests arrive into the dining hall, so that upon entering, they will be greeted by an inviting decor. Lights will remain on until after the disco is over. Regardless of what DJ package you choose, the uplights will be set up before the guests arrive into the dining hall. I will be on site for the evening/night when booked with my DJ packages. Check out the excellent value DJ packages for your wedding!